Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tour: Living Room

I spent almost 4 months in a cabin with just a bed and dining room table, and no couch to sit on.  Good thing I only spend weekends there!  I really wanted a Pottery Barn cotton, slip covered couch, but it was going to cost $3,000+.  I just couldn’t pay that much after purchasing a new house and paying the initiation fee required by the resort.  So I stalled and stalled, and just ended up purchasing a couch at Wolf’s Furniture in Hagerstown, MD, which delivered right over the state line into West Virginia where I was located.  The material is more of a velour-type material.  It was a little warm to sit on during the summer, and a little fancy for a cabin-in-the-woods.  But … it is what I have and I will embrace it.  The style is relaxed and slouchy, so it is comfy from that perspective.  

I also love the graduated turquoise rug that I found at Pier 1.  The color ranges are not as obvious in the pictures, but the rug starts off with a bolder turquoise on each end, and then gets paler towards the center point.  I removed the coffee table so that you can see the rug a little better.

And check out my view and my huge windows.  Even on a cloudy day it is bright in the chalet!

To the side of the couch is my stone fireplace.  The mantel is a red oak.

Facing the couch is a TV.  I resisted putting a TV in my weekend getaway, but figured the kids would be too bored without it.  I got both the TV stand and the curio cabinet from HomeGoods.  The TV stand cabinet has both sides that open (with shelves inside), the bottom middle opens (with a shelf inside), and the little drawer up top.  I fit tons of stuff in there to keep the clutter contained.

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