Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tour: Dining Room

This table is perfect.  I first a found a similar table with 4 cute chairs and custom-made chair cushions.  However, it was $400 and I had to walk away from it.  Then I went on CraigsList and found this for $75!!  It came with 3 chairs, which is all I need for my small place.  It isn’t painted too well since half of the table is painted heavier than the other side, but perhaps that is the “shabby” part of it.  The top is already waxed so I can’t do any touch ups without re-waxing the entire thing.  The interesting thing is that I already had something else in the house painted with this exact color (using the same paint company that the lady used to paint the table). This color is called Destin. What are the chances that I would find a table already painted in white and Destin?  I should have played the lottery that day, too.

I found the plate rack in my favorite store in Hagerstown, MD --  It was already painted white and was perfect, all for $75.  The smaller one I got for $70 at an antique store in Frederick, MD.  Here are close ups:

In the top picture you can see 2 of my antique Limoges dresser table plates.  They are so delicately painted and are in my top 5 favorite things in the chalet. (sorry the close up pics below are a tad blurry.)

I bought my plates are HomeGoods.  Look how perfectly they match the color of my table.  Yes, I am a "matchy-matchy" person!
Although this isn't in the dining room.  Here is the color of the other item painted in Destin.  It is meant to hide my thermostat, which isn't even centered on the wall there.  I'm not only matchy-matchy, but need things to be more symmetrical!

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