Monday, October 21, 2013

Shabby Chic design style

So it has been awhile since my first post.  I have spent the past several months redecorating, and turning the chalet into a shabby chic sanctuary.  

I love collecting, but not to excess.  For instance, I have a filigree silver spice box collection that is maxed out with 7 items.  Words that define my interests and style include: a balanced arrangement, no clutter, containers, vintage kitchen-related items, and using displays in a clever way. 

All furniture and most items brought into my home have a dual purpose.  Due to the small size of the home, things need to have multi-functionality.  So my TV stand is also a cabinet with loads of storage space.  And I like collecting neat containers, where I can also store various necessities inside.  Sure, I have items that are purely decorative, but I have to edit my purchases so that I don't accumulate too much "kitsch".  

Pics will be forthcoming.  I am especially happy with my pearl chandelier above my bed!  I go to the chalet next October 26th, so I'll take pictures then.

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