Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pictures of my Chalet

Prior to purchasing, these are the pictures that I took. (previous owner's furniture)

The Purchase -- how it all started

I have always wanted to have an A frame in the mountains.  It is such a departure from the architecture of my suburban MD home.  I wanted a place to run to, to hide, to escape, to wind down, to simply be.

Over the summer, I was interested in buying a log home in Smithburg, MD.  It was quite perfect.  Just an hour from my home, 15 acres with a stream running through it.  But the town said that the cistern and septic were not installed correctly.  More hassle that I could deal with, I walked away from the opportunity.  However, the "I-want-a-home-in-the-mountains" bug caught again at the end of December 2012.

I spent most of the week between Christmas and New Years looking at houses online.  Thank God for Trulia and!  I settled on a region in West Virginia, which involved a commute that I could still handle -- about 1 1/2 hours from home.

I looked at three houses, and one in particular was perfect inside.  I put an offer on the house that day, which was 1/2/13.

Then the drama started .....

I was told that the folks involved with the FHA loan didn't like the fact that the foundation wasn't cement.  Well, it is a wood home built on a mountain.  I somehow jumped to the conclusion that the wood was also not pressure treated wood.  I got scared, and withdrew my offer.

Two weeks later, I went back up to WV and looked at a house with a cement foundation, a gorgeous kitchen, but no A/C (I figured I could always buy a window unit).  But the location of the house was way too close to the road, and the wall of windows that made up the back-facing "A" frame of the house looked right at someone else's house.  Seeing some limited options, I went back to the house without the cement foundation.  This time I went inside the crawl space.  And lo and DID have pressure treated wood!  And the crawl space was dry and had no mold smell.  This was starting to look perfect.

I went upstairs to the house, and fell in love with it again when I walked it.  I put in my offer on 1/13/13, and it was accepted the next day!!